Neaera Consulting specializes in many different industries and services. Here are a few past and current projects. Contact us if you have additional needs that we might be able to assist with.

WDOT/USDOT Connected Vehicle Pilot

Neaera is part of a 3 year Connected Vehicle pilot funded by US DOT and WY DOT. The purpose of the pilot is to install connected vehicle equipment in highway patrol, snowplows and semi trucks. With these vehicles equipped with advanced technology we hope to make I-80 safer road.

Multi Incident Response Rover - MIRV

Neaera Consulting designed, manufactured and programed a rover using the Robot Operating System (ROS). The robot utilizes cameras, GPS, and LiDAR to retrieve and deploy the PI-Lit fares. The robot is designed to maneuver on rough highway shoulders. MIRV also operates autonomously or by remote control.

Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDX)

Neaera was part of the V2X Mapping project that designed a proof of concept application to map work zones. The POC effort is focused on automating the process and demonstrating an automated toolset suitable for use by IOO construction staff and contractors to rapidly and cost effectively generate and disseminate a work zone map message to authorized parties

INTEGRITY Security Services

Neaera Consulting works with INTEGRITY Security Services LLC to deliver the credential management services for connected and automated vehicles using on-board units, road side units and the TMC Authority. These systems are used to secure message between the center, cloud or TMC and vehicles. These solutions are used to implement IEEE 1609.2 to implement non-repudiation, man in the middle attack mitigation, and message replay problems all to help develop an end to end system of trust. Neaera has deployed these solutions with the WYDOT Connected Vehicle Pilot. Neaera has earned the CMS Certified Partner certification with ISS.

Colorado Depoartment of Transportation

Neaera Consulting is working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) on their Connected/Automated Vehicle projects. With this project, Neaera leveraged technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, SCMC, Operational Data Environment (ODE), data transformations, and Kafka with GCP Pub/Sub. This project has 600 roadside units (RSU) placed throughout the state of Colorado and outfit snowplows and other state vehicles for road monitoring. Neaera has supplied the lead system engineer, multiple developers and the architect of the project.

Transurban - ODD Tool

Neaera Consulting is a prime contractor for the Operational Design Domain (ODD) tool. The ODD functions as a real-time data hub that communicates with Automated Driving System (ADS)-equipped or ADS-reference vehicles. The ODD tool communicates upcoming road conditions and allows vehicles to minimize their risk. The ODD stores and organizes data into five layers: Roadway, Traffic, Operating Constraints, Weather, Incident, Construction, and Work Zones. Multiple sources supply this data.

ITS4Us - Intelligent Transportation System 4 Us

Neaera's partnership with ICF on the ITS4US project was created to improve mobility and accessibility in the neighborhoods surrounding the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. This includes finding more ways for undeserved communities, such as, people with disabilities, older adults, and low-income people, to travel more efficiently and affordably. Neaera plans to improve travel for these groups by creating a Complete Trip Platform Application that will help a user drive, walk or use a bus to get from their house to the hospital. This application will even help the user find the exact office room they need to go through.

New Jersey Department of Transportation

Neaera is currently working with New Jersy Department of Transportation (NJDOT) as a contractor on their Connected Vehicle deployment with V2V and V2I applications, systems engineering, SCMS integration, Roadside unite firewall configuration, OBU and RSU testing and validation and application development.

WSP- Connected Intersection Message Monitor(CIMM)

Neaera is working on the Connected Intersection Message Monitor (CIMM) project for WSP. This project requires the creation of a system that asses SPaT and MAP messages, and further, stores and analyzes those messages. These messages are passed through the GeoJSON converter for validation and conversion to viewable formats. These messages are then brought to the JPO-Conflict monitor where the messages are reviewed to see if the intersection is functioning correctly.